How Gabrovo Became a Capital of Humor
/Floor 1, Room 2/

What better way to celebrate our Museum’s 50th anniversary than to open both a new hall and an exhibition? On April 1, 2022, hall 2 opens its doors. Here our visitors can enjoy the permanent exhibition How Gabrovo Became a Capital of Humor. What is special about it is the interactive manner in which one learns more about the spirit of old Gabrovo, the socialist era and the period after 1989. The well-known Gabrovian jokes with illustrations by Boris Dimovski are complemented by vivid characters from the history of Gabrovian humor and the Museum, drawn by Gabrovo-born cartoonist Hristo Komarnitski. One of the main goals of the exhibition is to shed more light on the historical and cultural role of the Museum of Humor and Satire and to represent Gabrovo’s identity as a capital of humor.

The exhibition is realized with financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Prezis-Sk Ltd., Plam Plast Ltd., Nikolinka Hinkova, Tartey Consult Ltd, AMK Ltd. Gabrovo

Partners: State Archive – Gabrovo, Aprilov-Palauzov Regional Library, Regional Museum of History, Gabrovo

The Mirror Room
"The most important rule in reality is not to get lost in your own illusions"*

On September 18, 2020 opened doors a new Mirror Room in the Museum of Humor and Satire. A legendary room comes to life after so many visitors to the museum argue it had existed in the past, and some even claim to have visited it in their youth. The truth, however, is that such a room in the Museum of Humour and Satire has never been before. There have been several curved mirrors, installed in two of the foyers of the building reconstructed in the 1970s.

Famed as the Capital of Humor, Gabrovo is a town where locals take pride in their ability to ironize themselves and entertain others with their frugality and sense of economy; tourists go for it as a destination expecting to find themselves in a place of fun, wit and enterprise. The Gabrovo mirrors in the new room will positively meet this demand - they are curved, funny and attractive. They reflect the spirit of Gabrovo humor, transforming a person without great expense. The Mirror Room is the latest permanent exhibition in the Museum; it is located on the first floor, next to the new souvenir shop, and it features a series of varied author's curved mirrors and optical illusions. Visitors will see themselves in a new light in the Gabrovo selfie booths; beautify themselves at almost no cost with the Gabrovo plastic surgery; get lost and find themselves in the smallest, but very confusing Gabrovo mirror labyrinth. The most valuable object in the room is the glamorous Gaberge Egg with a faucet (a whole egg is too much for a meal!). Another legend has it that Alexander III's heirs wanted to buy it, but the thrifty managers of the Museum of Humor and Satire figured out they would earn more from the admission tickets if they kept it.

The new room comprises a series of art installations designed by the young Gabrovo artist Nevena Ekimova who is participant in two of the editions of the Gabrovo Biennale and designer of the children's favourite exhibition room Garden Town opened in April 2019. Two of the attractions - the Gaberje Egg with a faucet and the Kaleidoscope for Two are the work of another participant in the last Gabrovo Biennale, i.e., the Veliko Tarnovo artist Plamen Kondov.

The new Mirror Room is realized with the support of:

The new Mirror Room is realized with the support of: Culture Program of Gabrovo Municipality
Public Donation Fund, Gabrovo
America for Bulgaria Foundation
Express Car Service, Gabrovo
Noble Graphics Ltd.
FourPlus Studio Kranproekt EOOD
Inter Power Ltd.
Coffee Library
BramBar Studio
Stancho Atanasov Ivan Kolev

* Quote from the movie "Genesis", USA, 2010

The Roots of Gabrovo Humour
/Room 1/

The exhibition has beem dissembled as a new one is intended to be designed and installed in the near future.

/Floor 3, the lobby/

The focal point of this eclectic exhibition is eight beautiful tapestries designed by Bulgarian artist Boris Dimovski (illustrator of Gabrovo Anecdotes booklet) on the subject matter "What if Adam and Eve were full-blooded Gabrovians?" Pieces of small Bulgarian sculpture and matching "Garden of Eden" jokes enhance the feeling that man-woman relations remain the topic of the day.