This is where kids go crazy, but adults can have fun, too! Because GABROVO Planet hall is designed to amuse children from 5 to 105.

On the backdrop of light and sound effects, and in the mids of a gallery of funny objects, carnival costumes and photographs, young and old find their way into the colourful labyrinth of an imaginary planet - the planet of everlasting fun, laughter and joy called GABROVO Planet.

However, not all is a figment of imagination here, for such a planet does exist. It is a small asteroid located between Mars and Jupiter. This minor planet was discovered on April 1st, 1976 by Ukrainian astronomer Nikolay Chernykh from the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory and named after Gabrovo - the humour capital of Bulgaria.

GABROVO Planet amusement hall is a wonderful setting and background for children of all ages to get acquainted with symbols of Gabrovo humour through pictures; if they follow carefully the guided tour in the Roots of Gabrovo Humour permanent exhibition, here they can demonstrate their freshly acquired knowledge and send their most cherished wishes to the planet of laughter - GABROVO Planet!