Present-day humour carnival in Gabrovo originated from the old traditions and festivals held in town, i.e. the Gabrovo Oleliynya (street festivities) and the 1920s fancy-dress parties. This inimitable carnival ranks the town of Gabrovo among the rightful members of FECC (Foundation of the European Carnival Cities). The annual carnival procession in May draws thousands of visitors and participants from Bulgaria and abroad. "Letting go of its tail" in a ceremonious way, the famed Gabrovo cat takes the lead over the high-spirited, boisterous and versicoloured crowds of dressed-up Gabrovians and visitors along the streets of Gabrovo.

Feel welcome to join in the merriment, in the highest of spirits and wearing a mask on May 21tst, 2022. The new theme of the carnival will be "Come whatever, come what may".